Oaklee’s Story

Oaklee rocking one of her many headbands

Our story begins at our 20 week anatomy scan. Our Obstetrician-gynecologist told us our unborn baby, Oaklee, had a cleft lip and that he was sending us to a high risk Ob-gyn for their opinion. Two weeks later we went to see that Ob-gyn and during the ultrasound scan he never said a word to us. I remember him ending the ultrasound, looking at my husband and I and asking us what we had been told was going on. We were confused as to why he was asking this, I told him we were only told she had a cleft lip and that they sent us here for a second opinion and to see if she also had a cleft palate. That’s when we first heard the words “semi-lobar holoprosencephaly”. The doctor very vaguely explained it to us, just telling us that it was a brain abnormality and that Oaklee more than likely wouldn’t be compatible with life.

During our pregnancy we were told to terminate our baby a total of fifteen times, all by different doctors and specialists. This was never an option for us. I just had a gut feeling that Oaklee would be okay.

Oaklee is now five months old (at time of writing) and is thriving. My husband Chad, and I find ourselves thinking almost everyday how different life would be if we had actually listened to them and terminated our pregnancy. Oaklee is a ray of sunshine to the lives of everyone she touches, we are truly blessed.

Mummy, Daddy and Oaklee
Full length of beautiful Oaklee