About the Charity

Charity registered in England and Wales (no.1196295)

Jovie’s Journey founders – Deborah and Chris, pregnant with their daughter Jovie

When Deborah and Chris were pregnant with Jovie, they were very lucky to of had an amazing fetal medicine midwife and doctor in the terms of not feeling pressured into termination when they said it wasn’t for them, and they remained a great support to them throughout. However, for outside of hospital support, they were signposted to the odd website but felt support in this area really lacked.

Having shared their journey publicly they soon began to learn that not everyone in their situation received as good of support from the hospital as they did, and often felt pressured into termination, some not feeling like there was even a choice.

For Deborah, Chris and others, on being given the news that your baby is “incompatible with life” you are suddenly plunged into a very dark lonely pool, where once you walk out of that scan room you are all alone, left to try and make sense of this new broken world you find yourself in. And even with the best will in the world from friends and family, they just don’t get it.

It is important to say here that we are not a pro-life charity, we won’t tell you what we think is right and wrong as everyone has their own story, their own opinions, and their own choices. But, what this charity is for is to help you learn the other side of the story, so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you. In a situation that is delivered so negatively, we want to show you all the positives and how a life however short, in utero or earthside, can still be so very valued and leave a positive impact on you and the world. If you choose to continue with your pregnancy, then we are here with as much or as little support as you need, through pregnancy and beyond. It is not a journey you will have to walk alone. If you decide that continuing the pregnancy isn’t for you, then equally we will try and signpost you to people of support with experience in that field.

Whilst we are not professionals in the medical field and we will never pretend to be, we do have experience and all of our volunteers have walked in your shoes. We felt every emotion you are feeling, the anger, the sadness, the “why me, why my baby?” and we want to offer you a listening ear where you can off load all those feelings without fear of judgement.

Support is offered via telephone, video calls, emails, or text messages, or if you are local then face-to-face support can also be given. We also have a private support group on Facebook where you will find others going through a similar situation.

At the moment our charity is primarily based on emotional support, but we have great visions of how we want to grow. Jovie was sent to change the world, and we are here to help her do that.

Watch our online launch night here, where you will hear a bit more about the charity.