Isaiah’s Story

We were 20 weeks pregnant when our Obstetrician-Gynecologist noticed something going on with Isaiahs head during an ultrasound. He wasn’t sure what it was so he sent us to a fetal medicine doctor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was the first time we ever heard the words Alobar Holoprosencephaly. We were 22 weeks along. The whole time I was on the bed the doctor kept telling me I should terminate my pregnancy. I told her, “we are not doing that.” She even had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t of named the baby.

After this appointment we went back to our regular Obstetrician-Gynecologist and told him what the other doctor had said. He supported every one of our decisions. He always told me that it was up to Isaiah and the big man upstairs what happens. 

We were then sent to OSU and they told us the same as the doctor we saw before. They told us we would be blessed if our baby made it past birth. Of course they had to tell us this.

Dad and I made sure we had our worst case scenario planned just in case. 

At 38 weeks and one day I delivered Isaiah via emergency c-section. The pediatrician that was in the other room was just coming to the bed when she heard Isaiah take his first breath on his own. We spent sometime time in the hospital and doctors were still telling us the same thing as every other doctor.

Isaiah is now five years old and shows people everyday what a miracle and what a blessing truly is. We are blessed that he is five years old and has shown doctors what he is made of.  

Isaiah every year at Halloween